Mckinney Container Services

Pickup & Delivery

We deliver! If you are unable to pick up your container, Mckinney will deliver it to you. We deliver throughout Washington State as well as many other locations within the U.S. We also have specialized delivery equipment to help with hard-to-fit locations and narrow driveways, etc. Work with a partner who will help you position containers where and when you need them with our convenient pick-up and delivery service.

Loss Limitation & Waiver

LLW refers to our Loss Limitation and Waiver. With LLW, you purchase a partial waiver of liability to Mckinney for applicable damage to or theft of our containers. This is an alternative to Physical Damage Coverage. With LLW, you only have to pay Mckinney the LLW deductible rather than the whole cost to repair or replace the container. Purchasing LLW provides lower costs, less paperwork, controlled expenses and less hassle. The terms and conditions of the LLW are explained in the Mckinney Global Lease Agreement.

  • Lower Costs
  • Less Paperwork
  • Expense Control
  • Less Hassle

Container Modifications

Mckinney also specializes in modifications and installations on existing containers.

We install:

  • Windows
  • Emergency exit doors
  • Roll doors
  • Personal doors
  • Louvered vents
  • Turbine vents
  • Container lock options
  • HVAC and more...

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Mckinney operates its own full-service maintenance and repair facilities. Quick container service and direct accountability are guaranteed from the Mckinney maintenance department. Our team of certified mechanics can help you save time and money whether you need preventive maintenance or repairs.

Mobile Service Truck

Take advantage of our service truck for full-service container maintenance. If you are in need of repair, installations or modifications, our service truck can help. Minimize down-time and increase your bottom line with onsite repairs and maintenance from Mckinney.

Deal of the Month

     $50/Month - Used 20' Containers

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“We started using Mckinney Containers exclusively several years ago and are still happy with their quick service and high quality containers.”
Delta Marine Industries